Our basic hourly rate is $70.00 per hour excluding GST, however after a period of 3 months, we can offer an all-inclusive package to our Clients. This package would be inclusive of extra services such as BAS preparation and lodgement.

Online / On-site Bookkeeping All aspects of Bookkeeping whether on Client premises or remote access.

BAS / IAS We are a registered BAS Agent and are able to lodge your BAS / IAS statements. There are extra costs associated with this Service.

Superannuation We can assist in the preparation / lodgement of your superannuation requirements.

Payroll Payroll services as required.

General Reporting - We believe Reporting is a vital part of the service we provide. Reports can be prepared Monthly / Quarterly and will be provided to Key personnel for review.

Debtors Management In the event that assistance is required in the follow-up of Debtors, we are more than able to assist.

The above is a quick outline of the services provided at Vida-Blue Solutions. Feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss further.